Mythical Standing Space In Middle Of Tube Carriage Proves To Be Real

By Jordan Waite Last edited 11 months ago
Mythical Standing Space In Middle Of Tube Carriage Proves To Be Real
A thing of the past? Copyright Simon Crubellier.

Commuters on a southbound Victoria line service from Euston were left shocked this morning, as an additional pocket of standing room — known as 'the Middle of the Carriage' — was discovered on their train.

Mark Williams, 27, has been hailed as an unlikely hero after unbearable conditions led him to make the discovery.

"It was a normal journey, everyone all bunched up by the door, barely able to breathe," Williams said. "As is my usual routine, I began to pass out, except this time, when I came to, I'd stumbled into some kind of train Narnia."

It is thought that by Williams actually moving away from the door, an additional 20 people were able to board the train and get to work on time.

"I had never seen anything like it. Thank goodness for this brave man, venturing beyond where us average folk dare to," one fellow passenger said.

Details of the new-found space remain scarce, but one rumour suggests that it occupies "half the fucking train".

In related news, Crossrail bosses are said to be furious after the scheme's economic case has been left in tatters.

"Why are we paying £15bn for a new railway when everyone can fit on the one we've got?"

Last Updated 13 August 2017


Does this space still exist in the new Metropolitan Line (etc) rolling stock? Or does the possibility of walking through the entire train encourage everyone to space themselves out more evenly? There's a PhD in psychology waiting to be written here.

Pearl Saunders

London buses have similar spaces.
People congregate by & between the doors leaving space & even seats at the back & on the upper deck.
Others sit on aisle seats, particularly priority seats put bag on the other & make it extremely difficult for someone else to get to the seat.
Families with small children occupy as many seats as possible even removing ones from buggies & leave buggy unattended.


There are some things I will believe but you have gone too far.


I will sometimes shout out in an official sounding voice "Move right down the car please" People seem to think it's one of the station staff because they shuffle down without looking up like automatons.
Try it,it works!