There's A New Tube Map And It's Got A 'Brand New' Line

There's A New Tube Map And It's Got A 'Brand New' Line

There's a brand new tube map that's leaking onto platforms across the capital, and what's more, it's got a brand new line on it. Sort of.

That's right, the 'new' line is another branch of TfL Rail, formerly Heathrow Connect.

Those of you familiar with the Tube and Rail map might recognise this western line, stretching from Paddington down to Heathrow Terminal 4.

Of course that's only part of the story, because this is only going to become Crossrail — or the Elizabeth line as we won't call it — in December later this year.

The new map itself launches imminently. There aren't currently any paper or digital copies, but a few have been spotted at platform level. Our sources tell us that King's Cross and Liverpool Street are worth checking out, if you just can't bear to wait a few more days.

Click here for larger image © Transport for London

One thing this map doesn't make particularly clear, is how much it will cost to get to Heathrow. The map indicates that the two Heathrow stations are in zone 6 — but although journeys on the Piccadilly line will be charged at zone 6 prices, the TfL Rail fare will be higher. Namely, it will cost £10 on TfL Rail to get to Heathrow, compared to just £5 — or £3 off-peak — on the tube.

Whether this is an accidental omission of information, or a sneaky way to get the uninformed to spend more, watch out for this one.

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Last Updated 15 May 2018

Melvyn Windebank

I spotted one of these new maps at Liverpool Street yesterday but while I spotted the new TFL Rail line I failed to check how Buckhurst Hill Station is shown given yesterday's announcement that the station is now step free and thus making the new map out of date already ! This seems to often happen .

One difference with the past is now that TFL Rail for both east and West are shown the new Crossrail project has not been added as a dotted line between Paddington and Whitechapel with dotted line linking to just west of Stratand new Abbey Wood branch in a similar way to how the Victoria Line was shown as stages opened.

Neal Gravestock

Erm, you don't pay anything on the tube for going between the terminal stations. It's part of the Heathrow free travel zone.
Surely the new line would be the same?

gary briggs

Whats wrong with Elizabeth line ,GSTQ


What about freedom passes to Heathrow? Included, or will there be extra to pay as on the cable car?

Michael Burton

Gary Briggs. I'm not saying there is actually anything wrong with the name "Elizabeth Line", its just that "Crossrail"is so much better (IMHO). FWIW, I don't know anyone who doesn't call it Crossrail!

Andrew Gwilt

Next is the Whitechapel-Abbey Wood line to open then the central part to open then the whole line will become 1 network when the Elizabeth Line finally opens.

VvKk MmOhhii

This map also fails to point out that TFL rail will not serve Acton Main Line, West Ealing, Hanwell on Sundays whatsoever, despite these being expected